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The purpose of Columbus ICE is to inspire children to excellence by promoting health, education, positive attitude, recreation, and team work and facilitate the development and delivery of a desirable environment for young boys and girls.



Columbus ICE takes pride in providing for a sense of community.  Rather helping an individual family in need or helping the masses, Columbus ICE is a fundamental believer in the "It takes a village concept". Annually we are thrilled to bless families through two of our biggest community giveaway events around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Other ways to show we care about the community are speaking events, parades and performances, walk a thons, breast cancer awareness, and the list goes on and on.  We recognize our scholar athletes and encourage frequent conduct reports throughout the year.



Columbus Ice is committed to teaching basic fundamentals of sports, effective strategies, and core values to ensure success during competitive play. Our goal is to emphasize the value of discipline and team play while providing a fun and safe activity for young boys and girls.  All athletes shall be guided by the principle that exceptional athletic skill and winning is the outcome of hard work, conditioning, and commitment.


We believe in inspiring children to excellence, in character and scholarship. We promote excellence through coaching, mentorship, and programming.


We believe in teaching discipline, respect, self-respect, spirituality, work ethic, community service and sportsmanship.


We believe in molding student athletes through offering tutoring and monitoring student progress reports


We believe in coaching the youth to be at their best on game day and every day.


We believe in distinguishing excellence from perfection. Perfection is to exist without flaws, while excellence is to work toward being and becoming your personal best. Our goal is to encourage the youth to fulfill their personal potential and strive for continued self-improvement.

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